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A summary of the information available about the Tesla Cybertruck recall

What is the issue with the Cybertruck?

The accelerator pedal on some Cybertrucks can potentially get stuck in the depressed position, which can cause the vehicle to continue accelerating even if the driver takes their foot off the pedal. This increases the risk of a crash.

How is Tesla addressing the issue?

What should Cybertruck owners do?

Tesla will contact affected owners to schedule a free service appointment. In the meantime, owners are advised to drive carefully and avoid heavy-footed acceleration.

How has this affected Tesla?

The recall has prompted a drop in Tesla's stock price and raised questions about the company's quality control. The 3,878 Cybertrucks covered by the recall represent all of the vehicle deliveries completed by the company since the rollout of the long-awaited truck in late November.

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