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An Inside Look at London Artist Chinchilla: From Daisy Bertenshaw to MF Diamond | by Samantha Ann | Dia'ani Spotlight

London born and raised artist Chinchilla, originally Daisy Bertenshaw, has released a new hit March 15, 2024 titled “MF Diamond”. This is following her smash singles “Little Girl Gone” (2023) and “Cut you Off”(2023). Her sound is vibrant and demands attention. We are here for it! 

Chinchilla admits her bedroom is full of planners, calendars, and charts - she enjoys arranging her career thoughtfully. Both of her parents were actors. Her mother eventually started her own company and ran it like a “boss”!  

When Chinchilla was in school, she played in a band with six of her friends. After their academics ended, so did the band. Chinchilla knew in her heart that a solo career was what she craved. Towards the end of her two-year college course, she was discovered by a management team and released her debut single “Elements right after graduating in 2019. In 2020, she released the EP “Awakening”.


Despite the release, Chinchilla and her management team went their separate ways. 

With the pandemic afoot, she couldn’t perform shows. She found it difficult to even practice with the lockdown regulations. She said “I couldn’t even get there. It felt quite like a disconnect and that’s eventually what it came down to and we agreed to part ways."

After a tremendous amount of soul-searching, Chinchilla finally admitted that she needed assistance. “I was really burning out. I was looking at what my goals and ambitions are for my project and I was thinking, are you being too proud? Are you actually shooting yourself in the foot because you’re being too proud to work with a team of people?” 

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When being signed to the major label Universal, Chinchilla said “It’s been the best fucking thing ever. I just had a really awful year in 2022. I split with my management and had a really tough situation there and then I split with my label. It was a year of just not good things. I found myself approaching managers and sending demos and they’d just send feedback saying ‘this is what you need to do’, or ‘this one is cheesy’. I got to a point where I’d had too many meetings of being spoken at and I just wanted to get a placard made that said ‘I’M NOT FINISHED’ because people interrupted me so much and drove me crazy.” Although she is signed with Universal, she releases music under her imprint “Chinchilla Music Ltd.” We couldn’t be happier that she does.

Keep following your dreams - it all starts with you!

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