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Bad Boys 4 is on the way and we're ready! | Dia'ani Spotlight

Many of you saw, so for those who didn't, Bad Boys 4 filmed major scenes here in Miami and Fort Lauderdale this past weekend for its new release date - and we're ready for it! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Seen on Bad Boys 4 Set

The buzz is real and we're all geared up for it! The local streets were lit up with action as the iconic movie series brought its magic to our sunny state. The excitement is contagious, and it's got us all eagerly waiting for the release. On the edge of our seats for this one!

We can't wait to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action! Get ready for a thrilling ride with Bad Boys 4! Don't miss out on the latest - remember to create a free membership account with us for more entertainment updates!

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