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Behind the Music: The Story of Samantha Ann

Anything with Music involved was inspiring and all she wanted to do.

Born, as an impossibility against all odds, at 10:08, the Thursday morning of October 4th, 1990. A 4 pound4 oz baby girl with a pink complexion and thick Jet black hair embraced the Earth. Skip forward three years and you’d see a girl who adored singing Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" in her overalls. A few years later, brothers entered the picture. Brothers to assist in putting on plays and shows for our parents. Anything with Music involved was inspiring and all she wanted to do. At the age of 15, an accident occurred where she broke her knee and needed surgery to repair the damage. It was a catastrophic break and a few tears. The recovery was long but gave her time to write new songs.

Samantha always carried her guitar with her during High School and performed for her classmates often.

She needed an updated knee surgery to repair unwanted calcium growths and to place a different screw. After the knee surgery, while recovering, Samantha was on a pinched nerve. She had an epidural so she couldn’t feel that she was endangering her flesh. Her nurse never rotated her and was supposed to every two hours. It caused so many complications but also caused a staph infection - she flatlined twice. Throughout experiencing the medical complications, she managed to write a song about her healing and how she stayed strong. The song is called “Hold On” and was circulating Radio stations around 29 different countries after it was recorded in Franklin, Tennessee in 2010.

After dealing with all of the medical drama, Samantha healed and went back to High School. She graduated and then moved to Hermitage, Tennessee with her cousin and former manager James Morales. The music scene was full of ups and downs. Ups whenever she landed an important meeting and downs whenever gigs would get canceled. She recorded 4 singles at the prestigious Sound Kitchen Studio. "ILY", "Hold On", "My All", and "Look Up". She was very proud of what she recorded and pitched it to radio stations worldwide. Her exposure grew until one day she panicked after attending the "Red Carpet" at the "CMA’s" in 2010 where she saw a wall of flash photography. Flashing lights were a trigger for her epileptic seizures. Samantha didn’t want to have a seizure on the "Red Carpet" or in front of her work peers. They were dangerous - she didn’t want to see anyone hurt. She also felt like she would be embarrassed.

signed on with "Celeb Magazine" and interviewed numerous artists from several demographics

Samantha Moved from Tennessee back to her hometown of Freer, Texas. There she had open spaces and lots of family around. Samantha discovered that she had a passion for writing about other artists and their careers. She signed on with "Celeb Magazine" and interviewed numerous artists from several demographics. She enjoyed her career so much that she branched out on her own and started her own online magazine. Now she interviews artists to promote through her brand Samantha Ann Media.

Along with Journalism, Sam Co-Owns Dia’ani Media with me. She enjoys the media field and looks forward to the booming success of Dia’ani Media!

Samantha is a mother to three and a stepmother to three. Her drive is to show them that they can do anything they set their minds to. She stated that if they dream hard and work harder, they can accomplish everything they have their hearts set on. She truly believes it.

write and, simply, be different

Samantha is looking forward to having more interviews/conversations with artists about their come-up. She adores her life and is trying to encourage others to write and, simply, be different. She hopes to inspire people in a way that feels refreshingly natural.

-Dennis (Let's Chat)

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