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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Nashville's Renaissance | A Sneak Peek into "Call Me Country"

Hello BeyHive, and all you music fans! Get ready to amp up your excitement as this article is all about the one and only Queen Bey, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Cowboy Carter, and "Call Me Country"!

Queen Bey doesn't need much introduction, does she? An award-winning singer, skilled songwriter and acclaimed actress, she's an icon we can't help but admire. Now, you'll be thrilled to know that she's the spotlight of a fresh CNN documentary titled 'Call Me Country: Beyoncé & Nashville's Renaissance.' Here's a teaser of what you'll dive into.

Being a multi-genre powerhouse, the recent trails Beyoncé has blazed into country music with her latest album "Cowboy Carter" make for an exciting journey. We'll get to witness behind-the-scenes of the album creation itself. Critics and fans have hopped aboard this new venture, elevating the album buzz to a whole new level. The ripples it's caused in the music industry are nothing less than extraordinary.

The documentary also zooms in on the nexus of country music and its relation to black musicians. As a legendary artist, Beyonce's stride in expanding this genre's horizons cannot be neglected. We cannot wait to see how this discourse unfolds on screen.

For trailer enthusiasts, highlights await. There are striking moments making us itch for the full release. With notable figures due to make appearances, it's going to have us glued to our screens.

Now, taking a moment to reflect on the broader music industry: let's not forget the pivotal role played by such documentaries. They introduce us to the unfiltered, raw world of music-making. Country music in itself holds a critical spot in American cultural panorama. However, the representation of black musicians in country music has been scarce to say the least. Beyoncé, with her powerful presence, is shaking up that narrative.

So what does the release of this documentary mean for Beyoncé, the Beyhives(fans of Beyoncé), and the music scene? A groundbreaking moment for sure. A moment that allows us to witness the intersection of country music and a global icon as they converge to create a universal splash!

Mark your calendars ladies and gents, "Call Me Country" from CNN FlashDocs will be released April 26 on Max. This will be nearly a month post the release of her eighth record-breaking studio album.

So, before we part, let's reflect on Beyoncé's illustrious career: from the Destiny's Child days to her dive into country music. Her influence has been stupendous. This documentary is anticipated to illuminate yet another facet of her glorious journey. Saddle up BeyHive, your country ride with Beyoncé awaits!

Stay tuned for more updates and join the conversation about Beyoncé's newest masterpiece! Be sure to create a free membership account with us here at Dia'ani for more entertainment highlights, and lifestyle adventures!

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