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Breaking Barriers | The Inspiring Journey of Abstract | by Samantha Ann

For nearly nine years, artist Abstract, Luke  Terkovich, has been sharing his creative gifts with the music scene. His story is deep and inspiring. He is thriving while breaking down barriers.

After being born prematurely, he was adopted in Phoenix Arizona. Being premature, he is used to being under the weather. Sometimes when babies are born prematurely, they are prone to autoimmune diseases or ailments that would normally hold a person back. The fact that he goes through health issues, yet embarks down a musical path happily, means his heart and soul are going into his craft. Having been born several months premature myself, It is inspiring to other preemies or anyone suffering an ailment or several. his persistence is a “keep pushing through” message of sorts. I think we could all use a little more of that.

Growing up in New Jersey, he was inspired by classic rock. He listened to and was influenced by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel and many more. In his early teens, he discovered Hard Rock and Pop Punk. He says “This was the first time I discovered music that felt like mine, it really spoke to my teenage angst and where I was. Bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte, Bowling for Soup, JET, and The Arctic Monkeys.” He then moved to Wyoming where he discovered a more raw form of Hip-Hop as the genre had never really spoken to him up until that point. He follows with “I was exposed to Wu-Tang, Swollen Members, Jedi Mind Tricks and many others by way of the ski movies that would premier in town growing up. (Jackson Hole is a big ski town) and that’s what inspired me to get into Hip Hop.”

His mother was the more artistic influence of his parents. “She was a flute and piano player. At an early age she would have me do weekly piano lessons, she had me in pottery classes and painting classes as well. She really helped my creativity take shape.” His Dad was not too musical but he is predominantly the reason He grew up with a love for '60s and '70s rock since his dad would always have the CDs on repeat.

“Super Human”

When asked who he admires as a musician, he says “I love artists who don’t confine themselves to purely music. I’ve done everything from creating sneakers, vinyl collectibles, letterman’s, jeans etc with my brand “Moon 52” to writing an entire movie script for my short film and album of the same name “Super Human” so I’m very inspired by people like Donald Glover, Tyler The Creator, etc people who aren’t afraid to utilize their creativity in many realms.”  He continues when asked if he had ever received a piece of advice that stayed with him “I’ve probably gained a lot from my peers and people who reached back out when they didn’t have to help propel me forward but “there’s more than one way to do something” has always stuck with me. Sometimes we get attached to a certain approach or fall into the flow of what everyone else is doing and it’s important to step back and say “does this approach optimize who I am in my art or am I just feeding into the game everyone else is playing?” 

"I’m yet to go to Australia and really want to make that happen. The music has been really growing out there so I feel they deserve to have their own tour, we’ll make it happen soon.”

While approached with the question “What would you say has been your biggest success so far?”, Abstract replied, “The dream was always to be a full-time artist and though there have been many ups and downs and it’s been a wild road, I’ve been able to do that for 8 years going on 9 and that was the original dream for me. All without a major label deal or any major connections, just off the power of those who support me. I honestly feel the most success after a show and I get to hear from those who have been impacted or changed by the music for the better. That’s real success to me.”

When talking about future goals or aspirations, he says he has “way too many to count”. He’s gotten to tour overseas a few times and said “It’s been some of the most incredible experiences of my life but I’m yet to go to Australia and really want to make that happen. The music has been really growing out there so I feel they deserve to have their own tour, we’ll make it happen soon.”

Something nobody would normally guess about Abstract would be the fact that he is awesome at riding a unicycle! He is able to “drop stair sets, grind boxes, and do mountain bike trails with it.” His favorite songs to perform live are “Freedom” and “I Do This.” If he could work with someone he’s had featured previously, he would want to record with Mod Sun. He worked with him in the past on a track that is featured in his album “Super Human”. The track was of the Hip Hop/Pop genre and if he had another go at recording with Mod Sun again, he would want to do a more Alternative Rock song with him.

When asked if he had any personal messages for his audience, he said “I want them to know I will always continue to do my best to deliver great music, a great show and strive to be the greatest version of myself despite the hurdles and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate them all sticking with me.”

To hear more from Abstract, connect through his Facebook, Instagram, and website:

Apple Music | Abstract

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