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Breaking Barriers | The Story of Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris | Dia'ani Spotlight

An incredible story brought to life on the silver screen - "The Banker" on Apple TV+. It's a powerful, must-see film based on an audacious chapter of American history that revolves around two of the most revolutionary businessmen of the 60s, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris.

Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, played brilliantly by Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson respectively, were not your ordinary entrepreneurs. They were visionaries who dared to dream amidst the racially oppressive establishment of the 60s.

At the heart of the flick is a plot filled with nerve and strategy. Garrett and Morris, with the help of Garrett's iron-willed wife Eunice (Nia Long), orchestrate a daring plan, with a twist. They coach an ordinary white guy Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult) to be their frontman - the face of their burgeoning real estate and banking business!

Eunice is a character that deserves a special mention. She's not just on the sidelines. She's right there, in the thick of things, supporting and enabling this game-changing plan. Viewers are treated to many different themes in this film - racial inequality, the struggle for social acceptance, and much more. The performances by Mackie, Jackson, Long, and Hoult really absorb you into each of these themes, making the film much more than a passive watching experience.

Watch how accurately "The Banker" depicts reality (spoiler alert: it stays pretty true to the real-life story). But that's the power of cinema, right? It provides us with a lens to both witness and understand trials of the past.

My friends, the movie has lessons for all of us. It's a testament that shows that with determination and strategy, one can shatter established norms, and the impossible suddenly seems possible. "The Banker." Get ready for a remarkable journey back in time.

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