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Connecting the Stars | Dia'ani Media Partners with Hollywood Weekly Magazine

Hollywood Weekly Magazine | Dia'ani Media
You've heard us constantly talk about our many business ventures, so today, we're bringing you more great news! Our media house, Dia'ani Media, has now also partnered with Hollywood Weekly!

Read all about it...

Let us bubble up some enthusiasm about this new partnership!

Hollywood Weekly is a digital/print publication and the most reputable source for local recommendations on the best entertainment in major cities around the world, with features on film, dining, shopping, fashion, health & beauty, culture and nightlife. Since its advent in 2001, this vibrant platform, with distribution across 300 U.S. cities, has become a go-to for entertainment-savvy travelers, business executives, and even the best places to eat.

So, what brings Dia'ani Media into the mix?

We have a diverse audience base, cool techy stuff, and a never-ending thirst for creativity! Our diverse resources, aligned toward delivering relatable, engaging, and diverse content, will now be offered in tandem with Hollywood Weekly's esteemed platform.

With this partnership, we're not just looking forward to boosting the entertainment news landscape but also creating many more benefits for our clients and the global readers. Whether you're savouring a latte in Los Angeles or hustling through the streets of Boston, Miami or New York - we're bringing the world of entertainment news to the palm of your hand.

Hollywood Weekly Magazine | Dia'ani Media




and more.

Ok friends, that's all! For now...

Our teams here at Dia'ani Media and Hollywood Weekly are excited as we begin this new, interesting journey together. Stay tuned as we set the stage for this next step in the fascinating world of global entertainment.

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