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Discover the Latest Release: "High Up" by Trent Vine - A New Music Must-Listen!

Trent Vine just dropped his latest single "High Up" - you need to hear this!

The music is fresh, the lyrics hit just right, and the vibe is just in time for summer - a burst of positive energy in a song. Trent's style is so catchy, you won't be able to get it out of your head.

Trent Vine is a musician, known for his powerful vocals and fluent Japanese flow, whose songs are constantly gaining traction on playlists. Hailing from South Australia, Trent's music reflects the ups and downs of his colorful journey, leaving a lasting impact on his listeners.

You can find Trent Vine's discography, including singles and EPs, on major platforms. Some of his notable releases include "Shallower Than You", "Back Home", "Overstimulated", "Weed & Caviar", "Double Tap", and more. He also offers competitive vocal production, mixing, and mastering services.

To hear more from Trent Vine, visit his website, listen on Apple Music, follow him on Instagram, or you can tell us to tell him you said hello!

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Apple Music | Trent Vine

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