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"Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances": A Music Meeting with Westtopher

We got a chance to meet with Westtopher today to ask a few questions about his entertainment career. This article will give you a quick glance into his busy but exciting Music Production world.

Ok, Let's Go!

Westtopher X Dave East Studio Session

-"In the beginning,

it was just hours

perfecting my craft."

What inspired you to begin your journey in Music?

What inspired me musically was my first listen to Kanye West's “College Dropout”. As far as a producer standpoint. I was inspired by Hip-Hop and RnB artists. Not inspired enough to take a step into being an artist. Haha

As an upcoming entertainer, what challenges did you have to overcome in the beginning while perfecting the art? What helped you find your comfort zone?

In the beginning, it was just hours perfecting my craft. Of just learning how to make beats. Challenges of sound selection, learning how to chop samples from vinyl records. I found my comfort zone, by playing my beats at college parties or in the car, and people telling me how dope the beats sounded. Gaining that self-confidence.

Two entertainers you want or wanted to collab with.

Kanye West will always be at the top of the list, of artists to work with, for sure. Along with a toss-up between Nas or Jay-Z.

-"The thing about having support

is being transparent

with your fans

and your true support team."

We noticed that you have an amazing amount of support in the community. Do you have any advice for the upcomers following in your footsteps?

The thing about having support is being transparent with your fans and your true support team. Meaning, don’t get too "Hollywood" to speak to people or attend local events - that got you where you are today.

To upcoming producers and artists. Invest in yourself. Do showcases, network, travel. Take opportunities when they come. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Regardless of if it’s a small event or a big event. Know who you can rub shoulders with.

Let's take a moment to discuss AI. What do think about its use in the entertainment industry? Do you think the majority of people use it in a positive way to create a better entertainment experience or have you seen the majority misuse AI?

Honestly, I feel like a lot of industry figures have been using it. They just might not speak out on it publicly. From a producer standpoint. It can be a great tool, to create a quick melody or etc. to start a beat and get some inspiration.

However, from an artist's standpoint. It’s DEFINITELY getting misused because of people generating fake unauthorized songs of big artists - which is not cool in any way if the artist dead or alive didn’t approve of this record.

-"2024 is



I know you can't go into full detail about the Music, TV, or Film projects that you're working on but give the readers a little behind-the-scenes insight.

I definitely have some things in the works. As far as film and other artist projects I’m going to be involved in, along with my album - The year 2024 is looking bright!

Share one of your favorite moments while on the stage or watching the crowd rock to your beats.

Think one of the biggest highlight moments was back in 2014, stage-wise. When I was a part of music mogul J Hatch’s event “iStandard”, WINNING that event, along with seeing the crowd's reactions to my beats - Was a super amazing feeling!

We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to bless us with this interview. Let's end with you giving up-comers important things to remember while chasing their dreams.

One important thing is to work a job or have a source of income while pursuing your goals and dreams. The money doesn’t come fast like that. So, you need money to fund your dreams - meaning entering showcases, flying to other cities to be in studio sessions with major songwriters and artists.

-Dennis (Let's Chat)

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