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Drop into a New Language | Make Learning Fun with Drops | Dia'ani Spotlight

Let's talk about the cool language-learning app: Drops. You might have heard of it - it's the fastest-growing language learning app out there, for good reason!

Key Elements of Drops:

  • A vibrant word game blended with some clever memory cues. That's Drops for you. It doesn't just make learning fun and exciting - it turns it into part of your everyday routine!

  • Over 50 languages - not just a haphazard collection. Each language program is rooted in solid research to make your learning experience effective, personalized, and more importantly, interesting.

Something exciting, simple, yet effective. It's an app that uses cool word games and clever mnemonic associations to teach languages. Instead of shoving grammar rules and vocabulary down your throat, Drops makes it all so much easier.

Each day, you should set aside a few minutes for your Drops training - learning becomes part of your routine and as natural as having a cup of coffee in the morning. Get this, you can choose from over 50 languages! Whether you've always wanted to learn French or you're intrigued by the tones of Mandarin, Drops has got you covered.

What impressed me most about Drops is the deep research implemented into designing this app. It successfully made the process of learning a new language precise yet straightforward, removing complications, keeping it fun and effective.

Now, if you're someone who's into learning languages with unique scripts, Drops has a companion app just for you - Scripts. It's designed in an approachable way to help users learn and master these different scripts.

It doesn't stop there!

They say the best time to learn a language is when you're a kid. Well, Drops kept that in mind and introduced 'Droplets,' an app for kids to start early on their language learning journey. Like Drops, Droplets keeps the learning process enjoyable, ensuring kids look forward to learning new words.

Drops, with its companion apps Scripts and Droplets, offers a comprehensive language learning experience. The use of enjoyable games and daily life integration makes learning feel as natural as possible while being incredibly effective.


If you or your little one are on a quest to learn a new language, Drops is worth trying. With its fun-packed, research-backed design, it surely ups the game in the world of language apps. It’s never too late to start a new journey - add a new language to your conversation starter list!

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