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Someone told us that you want to be in the entertainment industry. Well, you can do it, and easier than you might expect! The videos in this article will give you advice on how to utilize the necessary basic tools of knowledge you'll need to successfully launch your career. Everyone loves FREE advice!

Whether Music, TV, or Film, you don't have to run to Hollywood to pursue your career. When things are handled the right way in the beginning, Hollywood will come to you!

The most important part of your entertainment career is knowing the business side. Understanding how everything works. Once you take the first step, you will feel alone and lost without knowing the basics. The 3 videos included will give free tips on how to establish the foundation of your entertainment career in Music, TV, or Film.

Ok, let's go!

 these are 3 steps I had to learn on my own after failing many times before the knowledge...

*Spinnup mentioned in this video is no longer available

I hope these crash course entertainment industry videos were able to guide you in the right direction! Starting out in entertainment can be like stepping into a whole new world. It's essential to grasp the business aspects to thrive in the industry.

Here's more - let's dive deeper!

Music Industry Tips

If your passion lies in music, here are some tips to set a solid foundation:

- Understanding music royalties can help you earn from your craft.

- Copyright and licensing – these are your best friends in the music business. Protect your work!

- It's all about building your online presence and connecting with your fans. Social media is a powerful tool – make the most of it.

TV Industry Tips

Now, let's switch gears to the TV industry. Here's your strong groundwork:

- Know the key players – producers, directors, writers. Understanding their roles is key!

- Learn about pitching and development – it's how your idea becomes a reality.

- Networking is essential. Build connections with industry pros – you never know where it might lead!

Film Industry Tips

If film is your thing, check out these tips:

- Film financing and budgeting – it might sound stressful, but it's crucial to bring your vision to life.

- Scriptwriting is an art. Work with screenwriters to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

- Your portfolio and showreel are your calling cards in the film industry. Make sure they shine!

Taking that first step can feel overwhelming, but with the right knowledge, you're setting yourself up for success. So, go ahead, dive into the world of music, TV, or film – with these essential tips and you'll be ready for your entertainment career!

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Feel free to contact me to answer Music, TV, or Film career questions you may have. Let's make those dreams a reality together, and remember, no matter what, keep going - stay inspired!

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