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Inside EasyClosets: Smart Storage, World-Class Manufacturing, and Green Thinking! | Dia'ani Insights

EasyClosets. A company with a driving passion for intelligent storage solutions that just make sense. This article is about their impressive journey, the rigorous manufacturing process, their commitment to doing right by our planet, and their mission of revolutionizing the way we organize our homes.

The EasyClosets Story

It all began with an ingenious idea - being the industry's first online closet company. That's right, EasyClosets was right there in the vanguard! Nestled in the heart of Holland, Michigan, its world-class 400,000 sq. ft. facility continues to impress. With the guiding hand of its parent company, The Stow Company, a leader in custom home storage and organization for over three decades, EasyClosets has been making waves in the industry and how!

Under the Hood: EasyClosets' Manufacturing Magic

What sets EasyClosets apart? Well, it starts with the stellar quality of their products. They have the furniture-quality fit and finish that'll make you do a double-take and sturdy systems that can support up to 1,200 pounds per a reasonably designed 8-foot section. And wait for this, they have a manufacturing process so efficient, orders are typically out the door and on their way to you within days, or at most, a couple of weeks for the larger orders. Precision and efficiency, my friends, are their middle names!

Caring for the Planet: EasyClosets' Green Commitment

And when they're not busy revolutionizing your homes, guess what they're doing? Saving our beautiful planet! They've got their panels certified to meet those stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase II standards, use cores made of 100% recycled or recovered wood fiber, and also use over 95% recyclable materials in their packaging process. They've basically got a PhD in recycling- from their inbound cardboard, to those neat cut closet rods, everything gets a shot at a second life.

The Easy Process: Once Upon A Design…

Now, let's chat about how your spaces get the EasyClosets treatment. It’s an enjoyable journey, from the online design tool that lets you visualize your space, to the skilled design team (who, by the way, create personalized plans for you without charging a penny extra!). Then comes the good stuff, high-end home organization systems that get shipped straight to your doorstep, complete with design plans, instructions, and all the hardware you’ll need. Best part? All this arrives in environmentally-friendly packaging that ticks all current industry regulations.

So, there you have it, folks! EasyClosets is all about making your life easier, all while showing some love to Mother Earth. Their journey, commitment to quality and the environment, and the incredibly "easy" process are all testament to their mission of bringing method to the madness that our homes sometimes become.

Give EasyClosets a try and let their free professional design service work their magic on your spaces. Trust us, you and your home will thank us later!

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