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Melissa Cardoso | CanvasRebel Magazine Interview

Melissa Cardoso | CanvasRebel Magazine | Dia'ani Media
CanvasRebel Magazine caught up with Melissa to speak with her about her recent endeavors. Here are a few takeaways from the conversation...

"As a graduate in Business Management, my career journey predominantly led me through the corridors of large corporations, affording me a panoramic view of the business landscape. However, a pivotal decision to transition into entrepreneurship unveiled a path rich in both gratitude and resilience. The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but therein lies the beauty of perseverance—to continually forge ahead despite the obstacles encountered." Melissa's response when asked to bring readers up to speed on what she does.

Melissa has been an integral part of Dia'ani Media while also flexing her career in finances. Since our rebranding, she's been here in every aspect every step of the way. Truly a great friend and business partner!

To find out more about Melissa, check out the full interview on the CanvasRebel Magazine website! Also, follow her on Instagram via @melisssacardoso.

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