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Met Gala 2024 | The Fashion Choices That Stole the Show (and the Memes)

E! Online | Rebecca Ferguson | Met Gala 2024
The Met Gala has once again proven to be the ultimate event for celebrities to push the boundaries of fashion. While some looks were undeniably stunning, others left us scratching our heads and reaching for the meme generator. Let's take a look at some of the most buzzworthy fashion choices from the big night.

Dan Levy: The King of Outfit Changes

Dan Levy was not content with just one show-stopping look at the Met Gala. The star stunned the red carpet with an initial all-black ensemble, only to later reveal a bold, brightly colored suit. The outfit change has solidified Levy as a fashion risk-taker and a fan favorite. His confidence and style have earned him widespread praise, with many hailing him as one of the best-dressed men of the night.

Rebecca Ferguson: The Hairstyle That Sparked a Thousand Memes

Rebecca Ferguson's hairstyle at the Met Gala has certainly sparked a reaction. The actress opted for long, braided ponytails that have left the internet divided. While some are admiring the edgy look, others can't resist making memes about it. Love it or hate it, Ferguson's hairstyle has undeniably made her one of the most talked-about celebrities of the Met Gala.

The Hits and Misses of the Met Gala

Of course, Levy and Ferguson were not the only celebrities to make bold fashion statements at the Met Gala. Some looks were hailed as hits, with celebrities shining in stunning ensembles that perfectly captured the event's theme. Others, however, were labeled as misses, with fashion choices that left us baffled.

The Met Gala is always a night to remember, and this year was no exception. From Dan Levy's daring outfit change to Rebecca Ferguson's meme-worthy hairstyle, the event has once again proven to be the ultimate platform for celebrities to showcase their unique sense of style. Whether the looks were hailed as hits or misses, one thing is for sure - the Met Gala has given us plenty of fashion moments to discuss until next year's event.

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