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More news about Travis Kelce, the film "MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE", and now, John Cena! | by Samantha Ann | Dia'ani Insights

Last month, we told you our news that Kansas City Chiefs' Tight End, Travis Kelce, is breaking into the world of movies and he signed on with us to be Executive Producer for our upcoming film “My Dead Friend Zoe”. We are extremely excited that he chose our film production company, Legion M, to begin his journey!

About the film:

"MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE" is a dark comedy drama feature film that is unlike any film about veterans we’ve seen before. At its core, it’s a buddy film about a complicated friendship, a divided family, and the complex ways in which we process grief.

Inspired by writer-director Kyle Hausmann-Stokes real life experiences with PTSD and the loss of his best soldier (not to war, but suicide), the script explores an important subject matter in a unique and refreshing manner—levity and magical realism—that is entertaining, apolitical and rife with social impact.

That was wonderful news for you - here's more!
In a recent ET interview, John Cena gave Travis Kelce some thought-provoking advice.

As we know, John Cena first broke out as a WWE Wrestler in 2001. He then emerged himself in the film industry and now acts amongst Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Cena gained traction for his supporting roles in smaller films like "Trainwreck" and "Bumblebee" before his leading roles in "Peacemaker" and the "Fast & Furious" franchise. He also still wrestles!

Cena recently sat down with ET's Cassie DiLaura in an interview for his upcoming film "Ricky Stanicky" with co-star Zac Efron. He spoke about Travis Kelce and how he will be executive producing “My Dead Friend Zoe”.

"I would inspire him to reflect on his journey," Cena says. "He didn't become a Super Bowl champion in a year. I bet he started playing football at a very young age. Look at how long it took to be fluent in football," Cena then followed with "It's gonna take that long to be fluent in another skill. Just surround yourself with great teammates and good things will come from it."
John Cena has the experience of transitioning careers from athlete to on-screen actor. Pretty sure he was one of the best to ask for advice.

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