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Must-Watch Shows on Hulu | Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Mysteries Galore!

Hulu | Schitt's Creek
With so many options on streaming platforms these days, it's easy to get lost in the sea of content. If you're a Hulu user, you're in luck! Their platform offers an incredibly diverse selection of shows. Whether you're into gut-busting comedy, mind-bending sci-fi, or spine-tingling mysteries, Hulu’s got you covered. Here are the hottest and most acclaimed shows on Hulu right now - start your free trial!

Fresh off the Hulu press, we have a historical mystery drama called Shardlake. Set in 1542 England, it follows a lawyer investigating a series of murders. Intriguing, right?

There's a critically acclaimed and much-loved Hulu original. The Handmaid's Tale, a chilling dystopian drama based on Margaret Atwood's novel, will have you on the edge of your seat. If you're craving some laughs with a dash of suspense, Only Murders in the Building, a comedy about three strangers investigating a murder in their apartment building, is just for you.

Love dark comedy? Enter The Bear, set in a chaotic Chicago sandwich shop. For a hard-hitting drama, Dopesick, chronicling the American opioid crisis, is not to be missed. For a unique comedy that will make you think, give Reservation Dogs a watch. Lastly, immerse yourself in the epic drama of Shogun, a tale of a shipwrecked English sailor in 17th-century Japan.

Post-apocalyptic drama? The Last of Us, is based on the hit video game; Avatar, a sci-fi wonder set on the moon Pandora, and Fallout another video game-inspired drama set in a post-nuclear world. If you like crime dramas, check out Will Trent, about a dyslexic special agent. For some heartwarming humor, there's Schitt's Creek, about a wealthy family moving to a small town, and Abbott Elementary, a hilarious mockumentary centered in a Philadelphia elementary school.

There's a show for every mood and interest. Whether you're stepping into the past with Shardlake or exploring the depths of the future with The Last of Us, there's never a dull moment on Hulu.

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