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Ok y'all, get ready for our

that's on the way!!

Oh yea, the Super Bowl Champion Chief's Travis Kelce is one of the producers 🔥

Dia'ani Media is part of the film production company Legion M who has been making major waves since conception!

This dark comedy drama is set to take you on a journey through the life of a US Army Afghanistan veteran. It's definitely one to see!

MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE is a dark comedy drama that follows the journey of Merit, a U.S. Army Afghanistan veteran who is at odds with her family thanks to the presence of Zoe, her dead best friend from the Army. Despite the persistence of her VA group counselor, the tough love of her mother and the levity of an unexpected love interest, Merit's cozy-dysfunctional friendship with Zoe keeps the duo insulated from the world. That is until Merit's estranged grandfather—holed up at the family's ancestral lake house—begins to lose his way and is need of the one thing he refuses... help. At its core, this is a buddy film about a complicated friendship, a divided family, and the complex ways in which we process grief.

Stay tuned for more details! Contact me at any time. Join us at Legion M - take part in the amazing movie production world.

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