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The Latest Hollywood Gossip and Watch Met Gala Live

So, here's some Hollywood gossip and new releases that have shaken Hollywood lately.

Top Story - #TomBradyRoast

Many of you might have laughed about, or at least heard about, the recent Tom Brady roast. For those that don't know, roast shows are basically gigs where celebs gather to destroy one individual's reputation through plenty of great jokes. The individual in this case - the sports icon Tom Brady.

This event got more attention due to Ben Affleck's spot-on performance. Who knew Batman could be funny? An unexpected twist in the roast was a "real-life Rocky" who tried playing the Adrian to Stallone’s Rocky. Bet he didn't see that coming when he signed up!

More Updates:

Britney Spears Theories Debunked & The Excitement of “Megalopolis”

Talking about signing up, Britney Spears recently shut down some pretty wild gossip. Denying rumours of a mental breakdown doing rounds on the web, Brit is clearly telling the world, “Oops! You did it again!" Way to go, girl!

Speaking of ‘90s phenomena, brace yourselves for another cinematic masterpiece from the renowned ‘70s-‘90s director, Francis Ford Coppola. Yes friends, we're talking about “Megalopolis”. From the creator of “The Godfather” comes another intriguing storyline to lure us out of our mundane lives and into a world of his creation.

Well, there you have it! The Hollywood rundown - for now. Exciting and a tad bit crazy as always. It can be hard to keep up with all the shifts and swings in Hollywood, but hey, that's why you have us!

Gotta' go - it's Met Gala time! Watch Met Gala live here!

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Ok friends, stay tuned for more!

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