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The Multi-Talented Sabrina Carpenter | From Acting to Singing and Beyond | Dia'ani Spotlight

A bright star in the world of entertainment: the one and only, Sabrina Carpenter! Sabrina has managed to impress the world with her acting chops and sensational singing voice.

We’re starting this journey with her acting career. You probably know her from the Disney series "Girl Meets World". This was a standout role for Sabrina and honestly, she nailed it! Not surprising though. She also showed us her awesome acting skills in the Disney Original Movie "Adventures in Babysitting".

Now onto the music, the notes that have you dancing! The world first got a taste of Sabrina's on YouTube. She'd sing covers and post them, capturing thousands of new fans one song at a time! This talented girl then signed with Hollywood Records, a momentous step in her career.

In 2014, she released her debut EP, "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying". This song collection was everything fans could've hoped for and more. And then, in a beautiful 2022 surprise, she brought us her debut studio album, "Emails I Can't Send". Trust me, it was worth the wait! Filled with emotion, honest lyrics, and Sabrina's unique sound, it garnered well-deserved critical acclaim.

New single, "Espresso". YouTube views say it all - 3 million and still counting!

Sabrina Carpenter is an accomplished actress and singer, proving her immense versatility. We've got our eyes peeled for her future projects and we’re pretty sure we won't be disappointed. If you haven't already, give Sabrina's music a listen, watch her performances, and prepare to be entertained!

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