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Deborah Olayinka Ayorinde | "Them: The Scare" | A Gritty Crime Thriller on Amazon Prime

From London to California, Howard University to Stardom

Deborah was born in London, the U.K to Nigerian parents. An ethnic mix that surely added a pinch of diversity to her character palette. When she turned 8, her family moved to sunny San Jose, California. A whole new world, a different culture, and an unquenchable thirst for a young mind to explore.

Fast-forward to her college years - she chose to attend the historically Black Howard University. She selected Film Production as her major and graduated with honors. Talk about talent, discipline, and determination! Her education was a crucial stepping stone to her acting career.

Then came the life-altering opportunity that transformed her career - the horror series "Them" from Amazon Prime. Her preparation for the role was intense. And boy, did it pay off! Audiences and critics alike applauded her performance, cementing her place in the industry.

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