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Today's Top Entertainment News Headline Recap: Margot Robbie, Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Spice, and More

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Get the latest entertainment news: Margot Robbie announces her pregnancy, Britney Spears declares she's single, Kendrick Lamar drops a new diss track, Vanessa Hudgens welcomes her first child, Ice Spice faces fan backlash, Danny Trejo speaks out against bullying, and Bebe Rexha considers legal action after a concert incident. Stay updated on celebrity stories and more.

Margot Robbie Announces Pregnancy

Margot Robbie, the star of "Barbie" and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," has revealed she is expecting her first child with husband Tom Ackerley. The couple was spotted in Lake Como, Italy, where Robbie proudly displayed her baby bump while boarding a boat. The news has delighted fans worldwide, marking a new chapter for the celebrated actress.

Britney Spears Declares She's Single

In a surprising turn of events, Britney Spears has announced that she is single, following her split with Paul Soliz. Spears shared a candid photo of the two on social media, highlighting the irony of Soliz's harassment claims. The pop star's declaration has been met with significant public interest as she navigates her personal life post-conservatorship.

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Music Video

Kendrick Lamar has dropped a music video for his new diss track "Not Like Us," which features rare appearances by his fiancée and children. The track, aimed at his rival Drake, has sparked conversations in the music industry and among fans, showcasing Lamar's lyrical prowess and personal side.

Vanessa Hudgens Welcomes First Child

Actress Vanessa Hudgens has given birth to her first child, a moment she described as being marred by disrespectful paparazzi behavior. Hudgens expressed her frustration over the invasive media coverage, urging for privacy during such a personal time. The "High School Musical" star’s experience highlights ongoing issues with celebrity privacy.

Ice Spice Faces Backlash at Rolling Loud Europe

Rapper Ice Spice encountered a mixed reaction from fans at Rolling Loud Europe after playing her collaboration with Taylor Swift, "Karma." Despite some fans showing disapproval, Ice Spice defended her choice, emphasizing her commitment to the music and her friendship with Swift.

Danny Trejo Speaks Out Against Bullying

During a Fourth of July parade, actor Danny Trejo was involved in a physical altercation, which he later addressed by speaking out against bullying. Trejo, known for his tough-guy roles and real-life resilience, shared his experience to highlight the importance of standing up against aggressive behavior, regardless of age.

Bebe Rexha Threatens Legal Action

Pop star Bebe Rexha is considering legal action after a concertgoer attempted to throw an object at her during a recent performance. Rexha, who has faced similar incidents in the past, is determined to take a stand against such disruptive behavior at her shows.

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