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Tuesday Morning Celebrity News Roundup

USA Today | Kirsten Dunst

It's Tuesday morning, April 30, 2024, and the celebrity news is coming in hot. From major milestones to bold defenses, let's dive into the top stories of the day.

Anne Hathaway Marks Major Milestone

First up, Anne Hathaway shared a powerful message on Instagram, revealing that she has been sober for over five years. The actress posted a photo of herself with the caption, "That feels like a milestone to me." Fans and fellow celebs flooded the comments with support for Hathaway's inspiring journey.

Martin Freeman Defends Intimate Scenes

Meanwhile, Martin Freeman is boldly defending the intimate scenes in his latest film, "Miller's Girl". The actor, who stars alongside Jenna Ortega in the project, told Entertainment Tonight that the scenes are "tastefully done" and "part of the story." Freeman also praised Ortega for her professionalism during the shoot.

Alice Evans Finds Happiness After Split

Following a public and bitter divorce battle, Alice Evans is focusing on finding happiness in a new relationship. The actress, who split from husband Ioan Gruffudd in 2021, has been seen out with a new man. Evans recently shared a photo of the pair on Instagram, captioning it, "Happy Monday."

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday to Dianna Agron, Kirsten Dunst, Kunal Nayyar, and Johnny Galecki! The stars are all celebrating their special days today. According to Mercury News, Dunst is turning 42, Nayyar is turning 43, and Galecki is turning 49. Agron's age wasn't mentioned, but here's to another year of her brilliant performances.

Celebrity Party Pics

Lastly, check out Variety's gallery of top celebrity party photos from April 2024. From red carpet premieres to exclusive events, these photos give a glimpse into the glamorous lives of our favorite stars.

That's all for the celebrity news roundup - for now. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

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Ok my friends, stay tuned for more!

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