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Weird Celebrity Facts You Won't Believe!

New York Post | Angelina Jolie
When we think of celebrities, we often imagine glamorous lives filled with fame, fortune, and the occasional scandal. But what about the weird and wonderful facts that set them apart? From rocket scientists to royalty to morticians, here are some celebrity facts that will make your jaw drop!

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Jack Black: Son of a Rocket Scientist

You know Jack Black as the hilarious actor behind School of Rock, Tenacious D, and Jumanji. Both of his parents come from aerospace engineering, but, did you know his mom, Judith Love Cohen, is a total boss in the world of aerospace engineering? In fact, she played a crucial role in developing the guidance system that brought the Apollo 13 astronauts home safely! Talk about a cool mom – Jack Black's got bragging rights for days.

Nicolas Cage: The Reluctant Royal

Nicolas Cage might act like he owns the place on screen, but in real life, he's got a legitimate claim to the throne! Believe it or not, Cage is a descendant of King Francis I of France, making him the 12th cousin of the current Prince of Wales. Who knew Ghost Rider had such regal blood? Maybe he's just been auditioning for the wrong crown all along.

Angelina Jolie: Funeral Director Extraordinaire

Angelina Jolie is known for her edgy style and intense film roles, but few know about her fascination with the darker side of life. In her younger years, Jolie obtained a funeral director's license in California. Yep, you read that right – Lara Croft was almost a mortician! Maybe there's a sequel in the works: Tomb Raider: The Funeral Home.

There you have it – mind-blowing celebrity facts that prove even the rich and famous are full of surprises. Whether they're launching rockets, claiming thrones, or preparing for the afterlife, these stars are anything but ordinary. So the next time you're watching your favorite film, remember: there's more to these celebrities than meets the eye!

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