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"Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?" | Travis Kelce Takes on Hosting Duties for New Game Show on Prime Video

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Travis Kelce is jumping into the world of game shows - and yes, you heard it right! Travis Kelce, the multi-talented personality, is gearing up to host the brand new 20-episode series ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?’ on Prime Video.

Travis Kelce, aside from his illustrious sports and entertainment career, has a track record that speaks volumes about his hosting talents. Did you catch his sports podcast, New Heights, which he kick-started with his Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champion-winning brother, Jason Kelce? It's causing a buzz by climbing up the charts since its launch last September!

Moving from audio waves to the television screens, Kelce amazed the audience hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ in March 2023. As if that wasn't enough, the KelceJam music festival, hosting a colossal crowd of over 17,000 attendees, bore witness to his innate talent to engage and entertain!

Now, let's feast your curiosity about ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?’. Picture this: an adult contestant, a classroom full of celebrities, and a nerve-racking set of 11 questions covering a spectrum of topics drawn from none other than the elementary curriculum. The stakes? A whopping $100,000 prize! Reminds you of something? That's right! It's a twist on the wildly successful ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’.

With all the wit and wisdom our beloved celebrities have to share, Kelce stated, "The original show is a great success, so to be bringing a new format with everyone’s favorite celebrities to the screen, will definitely be entertaining. I’m just happy to be on the hosting side of the equation here and excited to see how these famous faces keep up."

Speaking of 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?', it's been blazing the television game show scene since its premiere in 2007! Garnering a staggering view count of 27 million during its launch, it still holds the title for the top game show premiere in broadcast television history. Throughout its run, it flaunted a cumulative audience of more than 800 million total viewers, quite the feat, wouldn't you agree?

Brace yourself for an exciting blend of education and entertainment that’ll be broadcasted straight to your living room via Prime Video from more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

The official release date remains under wraps, however, given Kelce's enthusiasm and the classic game show format revamped with an exciting new twist, it's undoubtedly worth the wait! Let's sit back, relax, and prepare ourselves to be surprised by the intellect of our favorite celebs. be sure to create a free membership account with us here at Dia'ani for more entertainment highlights and lifestyle adventures!

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