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Colossal | Anne Hatheway & Jason Sudeikis

Universal Pictures


"Colossal" is this quirky blend of comedy, drama, and kaiju monster mayhem. Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, it features Anne Hathaway as an unemployed party girl who realizes she’s inexplicably linked to a giant monster halfway across the globe! With this unique premise, you might wonder how such an offbeat film got off the ground - our company Legion M.


By us at Legion M:


About the film:

MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE is a dark comedy drama feature film that is unlike any film about veterans we’ve seen before. At its core, it’s a buddy film about a complicated friendship, a divided family, and the complex ways in which we process grief.

Inspired by writer-director Kyle Hausmann-Stokes real-life experiences with PTSD and the loss of his best soldier (not to war, but suicide), the script explores an important subject matter in a unique and refreshing manner—levity and magical realism—that's entertaining, apolitical and rife with social impact.





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