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How Trent Vine Built an Authentic Music Brand | His Story Told by Samantha Ann | Dia'ani Spotlight

Pop Artist Trent Vine
“Apart from that one period of life from like 6-10 when I thought I was going to be a zoologist and save animals for a living.”

Samantha's notes...

Originally from Australia, Trent Vine has been raking in streams and followers for a crystal clear reason. His authenticity shines on each single he releases!

Trent was reared in a strict environment. From what he remembers, he’s always wanted to be a musician. “Apart from that one period of life from like 6-10 when I thought I was going to be a zoologist and save animals for a living.” He remembers being around age 12 when he told his Mother and her friends that he had wanted to be a musician when he grew up. [After he had been asked] She replied, “You should probably have a more realistic dream, love. That’s the hardest industry in the world and almost no one makes it in”. He said she was only looking out for his best interest and is currently his biggest supporter.

Even though her heart was in the right place, being a 12-year-old, this drove him away from approaching the dream. At the age of 15, Trent moved to Japan for four years. Two years after that, he chased the winter - snowboarding. Later, he moved to the nearest city to his hometown and spent two years towards his double bachelor's degree, which he dropped out of two years before completing in pursuit of his music career. This was after finding someone with a home studio during the COVID lockdowns, which then led to him finding his current producer, Nick, who made “What Does the Fox Say” and utilized the royalties to build a studio in Adelaide.

When asked what a normal recording session looks like, Trent said “I do a lot of vocal comping and mixing in my room, but my producer Nick is really cool and if I have an idea I haven’t been able to turn into an actual demo to bring to the studio yet, we’ll sometimes spend six hours straight bouncing ideas off each other and phoning a friend”. Trent writes his lyrics in Japanese and English.

Trent has also ghost-written songs in Japanese for “The Boy”, and under “BTS” he helped re-work a track that is to be re-purposed and sold to Korean boy bands. He only has one song that was written for him. It was released on his first album. It was titled “Give More than I Get”.

Pop Artist Trent Vine

When asked what his first hit was, Vine responded with “The first song I had clear 100k streams was called “Weed and Caviar”, which has since gone on to have over double the stream count and get airtime on two major radio stations in Australia (Triplej, ABC), as well as a dozen or so local stations”. He followed with, “My song “Burberry on the Floor” has also recently surpassed “Weed and Caviar” in popularity and gained quite a following throughout Asia. The song is half in Japanese, so I’m glad it’s starting to reach its target market”. I asked Trent “Who has influenced you musically in the past three years?” He responded: “I’d say the Kid LAROI was one of my biggest influences when I first started making music 3-4 years ago now, and I’ve always been a big JB fan, so my earlier stuff tended to lean between the two of their styles. But, as I’ve become more experienced and comfortable with creating music, and found my own sound, I find my songs bringing in elements of the punk-pop bands I used to listen to in high school.” He says he loves Post Malone and his artistry. He even admires his humility.

When asked about his near goals he replied, “My goals are pretty much the same as they are for anyone in the game; make music a living and love living it. We don’t set out on this path to end up not being successful (although the likelihood it’ll end that way is high) and success in any field looks and feels like a mixture of abundance, admiration, and contentment. So to answer the question in the most grade-A student way, I want to feel those 3 things.”

Trent Vine’s favorite song to perform live is titled “Double Tap”. He said, “The feature on the track; Akeim Takamura, is a real vibe to work with and we have a good time vibing out on stage together". 

"Showing your art to a big crowd of people gettin' jiggy to it is a great feeling, but everything is always better with the homies. What’s success if you got no one to share it with, right?” If he could give a piece of advice to his followers/listeners, he would say “Stay true to yourself, find your sound, and don’t give up".

"It’s a hard game to play and you probably won’t win, but you’ll learn a lot, have a great time, and meet some great people playing. And if you do manage to win, The payoff is HUGE. If any difficult endeavor is worth a shot, it’s this one!" - Trent

To hear more from Trent Vine, visit his website, listen on Apple Music, follow him on Instagram, or you can tell us to tell him you said hello!

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