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Igor Gorbunov | Recording Academy Grammy Voting Member | Producer of the T.S.B.G. Project | Dia'ani Spotlight

For those pursuing a music career focused on composing powerful melodies for fans around the world, following in the footsteps of Igor Gorbunov will help tremendously! We recently got a chance to sit down with him to answer a few questions for you to gain insight into his passion for music notes.

Igor Gorbunov - A member of the Recording Academy with Grammy voting rights, composer of the T.S.B.G Project, and a member of the Union of Composers BMI / ISSA. On September 1, 2023, the Academy Board decided to officially induct The Show Broadway Group into the Academy Hall of Fame forever!

BG Records released 12 albums in 2023 including "Music of Rain", "Inside the Show", "Here Is the Show!", "Five", "Night New York", "Collection of Show hits!", "Show History!"," Remember Our Dance",Golden Collection Show! "Acoustic Show", LIVE/2007, "Romantic concert"!

The Show Broadway Group is the 2022 ISSA WINNER - received Song of the Year, Silver Award for a song dedicated to Michael Jackson!

Listen to T.SB.G. on Spotify:

A couple of weeks ago, T.S.B.G. released the single "Golden Beach" featuring the vocalist ERIN which immediately made incredible waves across Spotify!

Now that you're updated on some of his most recent accomplishments, it's time to get to the interview.

Ok, let's go!


What unique challenges do you face as both a composer and a Recording Academy Grammy Voting Member, and how do these roles influence each other in your creative process?

The most important problem is working with distribution companies that constantly deceive composers and artists, hide their real income from them, and sometimes do not pay at all. I've had to change several companies over the years. And now I'm working with a new company, for this I had to update the name of the group, that is, shortened T.S.B.G. (The Show Broadway Group).

modernization of music

Could you share a specific instance where your experience as a composer directly informed your decisions as a Grammy voting member, or vice versa? How do these dual perspectives enhance your contributions to the music industry?

As a composer and a member of the Recording Academy with the right to vote, I took a direct part in the declaration of the law on the modernization of music, which was signed on 10/16/2018 by the President of the United States Donald Trump "The Law on the Modernization of Music".

"...I try to attract more listeners to my work"

What inspires you most when crafting a new composition, and how does this inspiration translate into the music you create? Additionally, how do you ensure that your compositions resonate with diverse audiences?

I am always inspired to write songs by new songs of my idols, such as George Benson, Sade, Earth, Wind & Fire, etc., and a period in my creative life. Since I write music in different directions, I try to attract more listeners to my work and try to make my music and songs melodic and of high quality.

"...I remain true to my artistic vision"

As someone deeply entrenched in the music industry, what trends or shifts do you observe in contemporary music that either challenge or invigorate your approach to composition? How do you adapt to these changes while staying true to your artistic vision?

Basically, now everything is going back to what it was in the nineties. All new artists such as Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, etc. take songs from the nineties and make new arrangements on them. As for me, I remain true to my artistic vision, but at the same time, I make modern arrangements of my songs. It is important for me that the song be melodic and of high quality and become a worldwide hit in the future.

Get in touch with Igor to discuss your upcoming projects! Until next time, be sure to create a free membership account with us here at Dia'ani for more entertainment highlights, lifestyle adventures, and business insights! Keep following your dreams - it all starts with you!

Igor Gorbunov

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